Who I am:


I love technology. I am a curious person who loves to see what other people and companies are doing to improve their lives as well as improve the lives of the consumers of the technology. I am constantly learning. I have never settled for what has worked in the past. Technology is constantly improving and I love being on the bleeding-edge of these innovations. Technology innovation enables business innovation.


I believe that you can create minimum viable products that can test your assumptions before spending months or years building the wrong thing.


It is my responsibility to help teams gain the trust of business operators. Instead of being order takers, delivery teams can help shape business visions by providing critical early feedback proving or disproving assumptions and hypotheses. I enable teams to gain this trust by establishing a learning framework through which all work flows.


I can do better. If I have to run a script more than once to deploy software I’m doing it wrong. If I have to fill out change tickets before my software is released to production, we’re doing it wrong. If the team has to have a hardening spring before a release, we’re doing it wrong. I strive to improve process every day. Every small improvement counts. That hour spent today will reap weeks later.


People want to be better. I seek out help from people who excel in areas I do not. I do not wait to be taught. My peers seek advice from me because I have a proven track record of successful projects and they know I can solve problems. Excellence is contagious.

To learn more about me, visit my linkedin profile. You can also Tweet me @bmmathe